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Garage doors can only open and close so many times before their mechanisms have to be replaced. This mechanism comprises of several parts, including springs and cables, which are subject to wear and tear and become weak or loose over time. Garage doors themselves can begin to rust or crack, or decay, which not only looks bad, but also may let the weather in and damage your property.

We always recommend that you get garage repair experts to fix your broken garage door for you. Something as seemingly minor as a broken spring can be potentially hazardous to you or your garage. Garage doors sometimes get stuck halfway, preventing you from retrieving your car. They can even get detached altogether and allowing free entry to your garage to anyone on the street.

Garage door inspection:

A garage door may look simple on the outside, but the mechanism that helps raise it is actually a complicated piece of machinery. It is made up of parts like torsion springs, which store energy when the door goes down and help it to spring up when opening. Torsion springs can only be used so many times before they need replacement. Other parts of the mechanism, including the cables, need regular checks to ensure they’re running smoothly and aren’t a safety hazard. Routine inspections to your garage door can help you spot problems before they become a bigger issue in the future.

The State Garage Doors team is dedicated to maintaining and ensuring the longevity of your garage door. You can call us for inspections or repair at your convenience and our team will be sent to you very quickly. We will then undertake an inspection of your garage door and examine critical aspects of your garage door mechanism, including the spring tension, the opener force settings, cable tautness and other signs of wear and tear.

Damaged doors:

Doors may get damaged for a variety of reasons, including accidents, from the weather or vandalism. Repairing or replacing damaged doors is routine work for State Garage Doors. State Garage Doors is a 24/7 garage door service, so don’t hesitate to call us if your door decides to break down at midnight. We will fix it for you with minimum hassle, no matter where you are located in Great Neck.

Off-track garage doors:

Nothing is more annoying than a garage door that has gone off-track. Off-track garage doors are notoriously difficult to open or even budge and may leave you stuck in or out of your garage for hours on end. Garage doors get off-track because of wear and tear, and also because of damage to cables or springs in the mechanism. A heavy load obstruction or even heavy weather may cause it to go off-track.

We recommend you try not to fix the door yourself, as you may cause damage to the mechanism or even to yourself while attempting to fix it. State Garage Doors is a professional garage door company and we provide great service at minimum cost to you.